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IATSE Local 481 President

About me

I have a background in a wide variety of crafts before finding my passion of being a Construction Buyer. I’ve worked in various roles on set such as an Assistant Director, Props Assistant, and Script Supervisor, as well as off set as an Assistant Production Coordinator, Covid Coordinator, and Art Department Coordinator, and a Producer for commercials. I am currently on the E-board as the Art Department Craft Rep and am active in several committees within the Local.

One of the primary duties of a president is to preside at all meetings; they need to fairly moderate them all. I consider myself to be a very open-minded person. I listen to all voices, consider all perspectives, and make decisions based on the whole picture. I will be fair and let all voices be heard, as well as keep the agenda on track for a timely session. Being a construction buyer and working in the production department, I am very familiar with referencing the language in our contracts and confirming that my interpretation is correct. I want to be your president so I can continue my engagement and support members at all meetings. I am approachable and always accessible to share information and help concerns get addressed.

Union Work & Community Experience

2010-Present - Member of IATSE Local 481
2012-Present - Member of IATSE Local 161
2019-Present - IATSE 481 E-board - Art Dept Craft Rep
Committee - Young Workers & New Members - Secretary
Committee - Queer Commitee - Ally
2016-2019 - IATSE 161 E-board - Area Rep
Nov 2021 - Ratification Vote - Phone Bank Leader
Sep 2021 - Strike Authorization Vote - Phone Bank Leader
Dec 2020 - Advancing Diversity in the MA Film & TV Industry - Rep for Production Office Craft
Oct 2019 - 1st Annual IATSE Golf Tournament - Fundraiser Manager
Oct 2018 - IATSE Young Workers Conference - Attendee
May 2016 - Film & TV Industry Lobby Day
2012-Present - Reading Community Concert Band
2017-2020 - Emerson College Evvy Awards Judge

MAKING the union hear US

I Want To Be YOUR President

My goals are to increase accessibility, engagement, and involvement. We need to feel empowered to make change! The best takeaway from recent events, is we are more aware of what happens in negotiations, want to be involved to make better proposals, and are energized to make change happen. Let’s keep up this momentum!

We Need To Be Heard

Our Local has polled the membership in the past, and has taken into account every incident reported by our Job Stewards. However, these efforts are still insufficient in many ways. We need to have a more comprehensive survey to identify our concerns about how our local is run and rank their importance to us. A Contract Committee is already being formed to analyze what proposals were presented in past contracts and list the gains and concessions made throughout the years. From this, we will now gather our voices which will be integral to what we want to have as our proposals for the next contract. We are all getting more engaged in the contract process now. Situations are ever changing, so let’s keep current on what we need to better conditions, and let those be known.

Let ME Hear Your Voice

I am always accessible via text/email/cell. I work off set, not with the shooting crew. I can quickly return a call, texts or email sent throughout the day. If you want to voice a question, concern, or idea for change - I am here for you. Here is my contact information:

Get Involved

One step is to increase meeting attendance -- and lend YOUR voice to the process! We need to make these meetings more accessible and appealing. We need to feel like we are fully involved and that our voices are being represented. I have been regularly attending GM, E-board, and Town Hall meetings as both a member and now as an elected Craft Rep. I have the experience to know what ground has been covered and how the process currently works. I have the ability to work through new ideas and know what already exists in order to make change as quick and as effectively as possible. We also need to work on making our elected officials more accessible to us. We elected them to represent us in craft, geographical area, and as a body as a whole. We need them to get to know us, and fully understand our challenges and concerns. This includes but is not limited to building better member relationships with our President, Vice President, Craft Reps, Area Reps, and Business Manager. EVERY member should feel supported and know they have someone in their corner.


Since I announced my candidacy, I’ve heard some great ideas/concerns. Let’s start off with a couple of the things I will fight to change.

Protect Local Members

There is a Referral Protocol that it is required to refer people for work on a production. First preference goes to Local 481 members in good standing listed on the Availability List. Many of you have been disappointed with seeing Distant Hires and Overhires working when you are available for work. This is a problem and we need to work together to create the solution. Currently if you are found in violation you must explain yourself to the E-board. Maybe we need to instill a fine? Maybe we need to increase awareness of this protocol? If there is a blatant disregard, then maybe a more severe penalty will increase its effectiveness to hire locals first.

Make a medic a required position

The Safe Way Forward / Return to Work Agreement, required productions to have a COVID-19 Compliance Supervisor. Now more than ever, with tragic events like “Rust” in New Mexico, we need our employers to understand that SAFETY FIRST is a top priority. If we can make it a requirement that when crew members are working on ladders, with power tools, rigging on catwalks, on lifts, that when they request a medic for their safety, it is required to have one on staff. Often the producers say a medic is there just for the construction department. If you are up in the air or working with equipment, shouldn’t you feel safe to have medic in case you are injured? How is your mental health when there is no medic on site? Let’s make a change to demand our safety is the priority.

Let's Start NOW

What are you most passionate about in regards to needed change in our Local or for our contracts? I value EVERY member’s input, regardless of craft or how long you’ve been in the Local. Please MESSAGE ME! Better yet, come to a meeting and bring it up in New Business. If you’re unable to attend, or that’s not your thing, I still care about making your voice heard and will report your concerns at the next E-board meeting.


Wednesday 12/1/21 by 5:00 pm
Deadline for nominating petitions to be received at the 481 Office

Tuesday 12/7/21
Ballots mailed to the membership

Wednesday 12/29/21
Ballots must be received at the Local 481 P.O. Box (pre-addressed on return envelope.) *No ballots will be accepted at the Local 481 office.

Saturday 1/15/22
President office begins as of the close of the GM Meeting


For a detailed outline of the duties and expectations of the President, click here:


I’m here to endorse Kimmie Johnson as our next 481 president. Not only is Kimmie a devoted and active member of 481, she is also a kind, honest, and trustworthy person.

I met Kimmie years ago when I had just started working as a set PA. I distinctly remember how nice and how welcoming she was (which is greatly appreciated when you’re new and finding your bearings). I really got to know Kimmie when I worked under her as the construction PA on Defending Jacob. Kimmie didn’t just train me and instruct me how to do my job efficiently—she became a mentor and a friend. She supported my desire to work in props and guided me through the 481 application process, always eager to answer any questions I had. It is not uncommon for Kimmie to work late and cut into her personal time just so she can help other people.

Kimmie is the rare person who genuinely loves teaching and helping others succeed. To say that her commitment to detail and strive for excellence is impressive is an understatement. Kimmie is incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and thorough—all essential qualities in a leader. She makes it a point to attend all the local’s meetings, giving her an informed opinion to help usher in positive change and push for improvement in areas like equality and diversity. I know that Kimmie, as president, will be candid and committed; she will do everything in her power to aid her union brothers and sisters in the continued fight to improve our working conditions and our future.

— Kylie Paul

Dear 481 Sisters and Brothers
I am writing to endorse Kimmie Johnson as our next president.
Kimmie Johnson has experience:
She has been an area rep from Local 161 from 2016-2019
She has been an Art Dept Representative on the Executive Board from 2019- present

Kimmie is involved:
She has actively participated in eliminating the Sunset clause through Lobby Day activity at the State House, executive board communications and actively phone banking.
She participated in advancing diversity in MA film community outreach. She was secretary of the young workers and new members committee. She is an ally of the Queer Committee.

Kimmie is committed:
She has been an active board member who has attended almost every executive board meeting and general membership meeting
She is inquisitive and is committed to making sure people are treated properly under her watch
She has been a mentor to many people whether within her dept or guiding them to sponsors in their dept of choice, Kimmie has guided many people to find a career beginning in the film industry.
Kimmie is inclusive. She is a facilitator. She has a documented history of listening, facilitating and helping people find their way in our industry and she will do the same as our next president. She wants to get our local energized. She wants us all to be included and involved. Kimmie wants to know where YOU want this local to be in 3 years and she will actively do everything she can to get us there.

Please cast your vote for Kimmie Johnson as our next president.

— Taryn Walsh

I’ve known Kimmie since January of 2008 when we worked at a production company called Hobnox. I was brand new to film at the time, but it was obvious she knew what to do and how to best pursue it. The company folded, but Kimmie kept working and would welcome anyone with a drive and passion to enter the business.

Any movie or project, she helped not only myself, but countless others in their film career. When I really needed a job, Kimmie was able to set up an interview for me, which eventually lead me to full IATSE membership. I would not be in this line of work without her. I can say I am not the only one, just one story of many.

Which is why I fully support and endorse Kimmie for IATSE President. Under her watch, she will look out, guide, advise and be an advocate for all members of the union. There is no one else I can think of who is more suited for the job than she.

— Mark Meagher
First Aid Department

I will definitely be voting for Kimmie Johnson. As a decorator, Kimmie has been my craft rep for some time. She has been very active and attentive at the meetings and even before she was even on the board.

Kimmie has been really really generous to coordinators coming up. She mentored many coordinators with her knowledge and skills.

I feel lucky Kimmie is willing to take on this additional responsibility and I feel confident in her judgment.

In solidarity,

— Jennifer Engel
Set Decorator

I’d like to share my support for Kimmie as our next 481 president. She has the ideas, passion, and pride for our union that will make her a strong president. She has an impressive record of attending meetings and currently holds a position on the e-board which gives her the understanding of what the president does and how to be effective at it. Her experience both on and off set, in different crafts, gives her a broad perspective important when being the president of a union which represents many different crafts and points of view. She’s got a plan for how to manage the responsibilities of president and balance her career. She’s got my vote.

Thanks to both candidates for putting in the time and effort and giving us all a choice as Wayne steps down.

Vote yo,

— Ryan Johnson

I will be voting for Kimmie. She is a has went above and beyond to help me and others learn the ways. Several years ago I began my first buying job, having no idea what I was doing. She took time out of her busy schedule to do an in person 1 on 1 training with me. She shared templates and tips with me. Since the training she has had an open communication with me. She has continued to anwser questions, share advise, referred staffing and vendors and encouraged me to become more active in the union and tax incentives.

— Joe Riccitelli

I’m posting in support of Kimmie Johnson for local 481 union president. First off, I have a ton of admiration for the way Kimmie takes the time for even the small gestures like responding to every person who applies for a position working with/for her. She noticed my potential to be a buyer/coordinator from this simple interaction and recommended me for my first position, helping me get my foot in the door. She continues to be a sounding board and mentor for any questions I have in the trade and she does it with enthusiasm! I’m voting for her knowing her passion for this industry and the people in it.

— Erin Via

I am endorsing Kimmie Johnson for local 481 president. Kimmie was on one of the first movies I ever worked on and from then on we were friends. I always knew the show was quality if Kimmie was on it.

Throughout my time in the local I have watched as Kimmie has stayed active in both the union and the film community at large. She has worked so hard to create opportunities for people of all experience levels and her impact on the local industry is immeasurable.

Kimmie has the experience, attitude, and drive necessary for the role of president at this pivotal time in our industry and I will be proud to cast my vote for her.

— Ben Heald

I am signing on here for the first time ever to express my support for Kimmie as our next president. When I first joined in 2017 Kimmie was one of the first people I remember reaching out to me. From that day on, Kimmie has been a tireless resource and support over the last 5 years.

When I think of Kimmie, I think of a woman who is diligently involved, informed, and thorough. Kimmie is a keen listener while also being a clear and direct communicator. She is an advocate by nature. I look up to her for her problem solving skills, her drive, and her commitment to 481. She is one of the more dedicated humans I’ve met. It shows in her work, her relationships with members, as well as steadfast involvement in our membership; She’s on the e-board, has an incredible meeting attendance record, and has been active in several sub-committees. I am also impressed by Kimmie’s cross-craft experience throughout her time as a union member. It has given her a broad understanding of our diverse membership and its crafts.

I have the utmost confidence in Kimmie’s ability to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the president. Vote for Kimmie!

Oh! And a big thanks to the candidates for putting in the time and effort to make this election possible. And thank you to Wayne for your service.

— Kate Parsons

I am proud to be throwing my full support behind Kimmie Johnson for 481 president. She has the dedication, open-mindedness, and clarity of thought that this Local needs. Her well-rounded experience and tireless dedication makes her the perfect representative for all departments in our Local.

— Kevin Parker

Union siblings—

While I am sure there will be many platitudes coming his way.
I would like to acknowledge outgoing President Wayne Simpson for his dedication and hard work through his time in office. A pandemic, a strike vote and the successful passage of the Film Tax Incentive. All under his watch.

Well done, Wayne. Your years of leadership experience in trade unionism has benefited us all while serving as our President.

It is with this in mind that I turn to Wayne’s successor.
We are fortunate to have a new generation of leaders waiting in the wings.

Something that I learned during my tenure on the E-board was the importance of understanding the relationship between the Locals and The International.

A problematic relationship can be difficult a good one, beneficial.

It is for this primary reason that I choose the candidate with an understanding and background in this area.

Kimmie Johnson has been in leadership roles in two different IA Locals (161 & 481), as a current E-board member she understands the operation of this Local.

For the office of President of this Local, right now, Kimmie will be receiving my vote.

Regardless, of the outcome. It makes me quite proud that a woman will be our next President. And I hope more people will step up to be part of the leadership of this Local.


— Brian Pitts

Hi, everyone, I'm Zoya and I am a new(ish) member of the union. It looks like I joined amidst extraordinary times as the union deals with a number of important issues and changes. While I am not new to my craft, I am still learning a lot about the way things work in the union, getting to know the people, how each project runs and what it requires.

I really like to work, and I work a lot. I feel very privileged to run my own sewing business, and a strong team that runs it without me when I'm away on projects. I am beyond starry-eyed and excited every time I get asked to work on the projects. I love that I have the opportunity to make the top dollar in my field, rub elbows with amazing artisans and, yes, have a glimpse of a movie actor or two! I feel privileged to have the support and understanding of my two kids and the husband, who love hearing about how my day went. And when a movie or series come out, I get to point out the garments I made and everyone, including me, feel proud and excited. So, that's me.

One thing immediately struck me is that this union is like a big tight-knit family, with all that it entails. True brothers and sisters and kin. There is support to each other as a family, getting through long days as a family, learning and leaning on each other as a family. And, people fight like a family. There are healthy debates and sound advices, and there are tantrums, too. All normal in the family!

Now, we are choosing a new president for our family of the union. Being new, I had to do a lot of research on what does it mean to be a president of this union, and it was helpful to read conversations which occurred during contract negotiations. I talked to a few people whom I trust and respect. I read the comments of emerging during this time candidate Carissa, and I read and learned about Kimmie Johnson. From the union newbie perspective, who really wants to work and loves the work, it looks to me that we need the industry to be strong and welcomed in our state. Because, and correct me if I'm wrong, if the union proves to be difficult to work with, can't the industry just go somewhere else? So, we need to get along and fairly work out the relationship with producers and such, yes?

I don't know how we can do this by fighting and sticking it to them. And as a newcomer, I feel pretty alienated by Carissa's rhetoric, I don't feel like there is enough for me to grab on to relate, besides that we both care about our kids and partners. There is a sense of hostility and "us vs. them" between the union and the producers (even if it is true), which feels counterproductive to me. I also know that to work out the issues between the parties, it's better to use a bridge than a wrecking ball, (edit. I mean by this building on the existing relationship and changing the course of collaboration instead of clearing the old and building anew. I want to be clear, there are certainly times for the latter, i just don't agree it's now).

I feel comforted by the poise and patience and inspired by the relevant experience and embracing attitude Kimmie Johnson seems to possess. While Carissa's fiery passion is certainly contagious and resonates with some, the president's position, in my opinion, requires building strong relationships with both unions members and producers, including all, even newbies like me. For years, Kimmie have been a part of committees that work on positive changes for the union, based on her campaign page. I think she deserves to continue that work in a better capacity.

I will vote for Kimmie Johnson

(thank you for reading)

— Zoya Derman

I want to discuss why I endorse for Kimmie Johnson for Local 481 President.

I have known Kimmie since our non-union days working on short films and music videos. I have always respected and admired Kimmie's drive, organization, and thoughtfulness in whatever task she happened to be taking on. Just like those early days in our careers, Kimmie has always been willing to help any department with any issues they may encounter. She listens and takes into account what others had to say before making decisions. Kimmie joined 481 a few years before I did and was one of the first to congratulate me on joining and offer assistance if I ever needed.

Since joining executive board as the Art Dept Craft Representative in 2019, Kimmie has also been involved these key issues that have affected our membership deeply:
ratification 2021 ASA contract.
ratification 2020 low budget & tier contract.
ratification 2019 commercial contract.
relief to membership during the perilous and uncertain times early in the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.
the successful end of the sunset on the Massachusetts film tax credit in summer 2021.
plans and preparation for a thankfully averted strike over the 2021 ASA contacts

I have worked alongside Kimmie spending tireless hours calling, texting, and emailing other members on our days and nights off to make sure people contacted their state senators or sent in their ballots for elections. Like many of you, we stood side by side rallying in front of the state house to preserve our way of life; This local means everything to Kimmie. Outside of whatever project she is on for months at a time, Kimmie has rarely missed an executive board or general membership meeting. She understands the role of an elected official is to be present and attentive.

A union president must assist members, the office, and be a voice and face for the local at sensitive & pivotal times. A president should also be a even-handed leader and a peacemaker. I cannot think of anyone more eager, knowledgeable, and qualified to serve as our next union president than Kimmie Johnson.

I hope you will join me in voting for Kimmie Johnson for IATSE Local 481 President.

— Aaron Bouchard

I never post here but I’m going to make an exception because I think it’s important. 2021 has been a turbulent year for our union. From the tax incentive fight this spring to the contract negotiations this fall, there has been a lot of uncertainty through our fight to keep working and our desire to do so under better conditions. This year has woken up a lot of the membership and brought new voices to the table (mine included). I’m excited to see us continue to debate what we as the general membership can do better to improve our local as we fight for the changes we want to see made. I think no matter what candidate is elected President we will see a rigorous debate from a vocal and engaged membership that will help push us in the direction we want to go.

However, with the imminent battle we still have ahead of us as a new governor and a potential new senate president take shape to potentially threaten our jobs once again, I’m inclined to vote for a candidate that I believe is best suited to represent us through this next set of turbulent waters. The person that has shown engagement and passion through her time on the e-board and during any conversation I’ve ever had with her. I’m voting for Kimmie because I value experience just as much as I do new ideas. I know that anyone who’s going to hold the title of Union President will need to weather the storm during good times and bad, from critics both inside and out. This is not to say Carissa could not also do these things. I think the world of Carissa and if she’s elected I will do everything I can to support her (as we should all do). At this moment I am choosing to vote for someone who I believe can help us find balance as we move forward into a new year that will be certain to challenge our membership in unknown ways.

— Ryan Cook

Hello Local 481 Siblings,
I am endorsing Kimmie Johnson for president of IATSE Local 481. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kimmie via Local 481 and Local 161 where Kimmie served on the Local 161 Executive Board (2016-2019) when I had the honor of being president. As the L161 EBoard Rep for New England, Kimmie was always ready and willing to dive deep into the issues we were working on and share her insight as a Production Coordinator. She’s thoughtful, diligent, and persistent in a way that’s inclusive, constructive, and highly effective. She’s worked in crafts both ‘on set’ and ‘in the office’ which gives her great perspective on members needs. At the same time she’s curious, enthusiastic, and eager to learn about all crafts and how they are constantly evolving and changing. She’s also been a great mentor and believes strongly in giving back. Whatever we worked on at L161 whether it was the annual budget or revising the L161 Constitution I could always count on Kimmie’s dedication to the work and keen ability to analyze things. In serving as Art Department Rep for Local 481 I’ve seen her bring the same level of enthusiasm and involvement and I’m excited at the prospect of what she will do for Local 481 as president. Being president isn’t easy. Commitment, patience, and the ability to see issues from many sides is crucial. You have to be a good listener and want to listen – to everyone – you can’t assume anything. Being President means working with members, the Executive Board, the office, the International and a whole lot more while serving as the face of the Local - all this while working in a business that is anything but predictable. From my perspective Kimmie Johnson brings the right combination of experience, inclusivity, communication, time management skills, curiosity and drive to do things that will truly help our Local. That’s why I'm voting for Kimmie Johnson for president of IATSE Local 481 and I hope you will too.

— Jill Reurs
Set Dressing

As a Toolman in IATSE’s Construction Department, I became acquainted with Kimmie Johnson through her work on the e-board; we have worked closely on issues arising at e-board and general membership meetings. Kimmie displayed her strong leadership skills as she tirelessly lobbied younger IATSE colleagues to vote in the 2020 presidential election. I was particularly impressed by her passionate efforts to motivate IATSE membership when we worked together at New England Studios on the recent strike authorization vote.

Kimmie has a broad range of experience, including her representation of the Art Department on e-board and as a buyer for the Construction Department. She has a solid grasp of the issues affecting all departments and a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to make a show successful, from start to finish.

Kimmie’s commitment to IATSE and her energetic approach to leadership make her the strongest candidate, and I enthusiastically endorse her for President of IATSE.

— Christopher Egan

Hi....I am writing to recommend Kimmie for the position of President of 481. Even though I am both 481 and 829...I have found Kimmie extremely do only the best that she can no matter what job she has been given. Not to mention her wonderful personality and discipline during trying moments that arise. I am voting for Kimmie. Thank you...

— Cheryl Jeffries
Set Dressing

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Presidential duties

Duties of the Local 481 President — Summer 2021
Compiled by John Gates, former President, and Wayne Simpson, President

Constitutional Duties, from Local 481 Constitution, Article 8, Section 1

President, and by virtue of office, also first (1st) - Delegate to the IATSE Convention and Third District Convention.

  1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Executive Board and shall at all times conduct same in accordance with this Constitution and By-Laws and the standing rules attached hereto.

  2. In the absence of a specific law to govern a given situation the President shall decide the matter in a spirit of fairness and equity, and such ruling shall be enforced unless changed by the Executive Board or the membership.

  3. He or she shall see that all officers perform their duties as prescribed by the Constitution and By-Laws.

  4. He or she shall, with the consent of the Executive Board, use all moral and financial aid in enforcing the rules, wage scale, and conditions of this Local.

  5. He or she shall appoint the members of all committees and shall be a member Ex-Officio of all committees.

  6. He or she shall appoint a Sergeant-At Arms, Judge-of-Elections, and Tellers as needed.

  7. If a vacancy should occur during the term of any officer of this Union, except Delegate to the International Convention and Business Manager, the President shall have the power to appoint a member in good standing to fill the office temporarily until the vacancy shall have been filled by the membership at a special election.

  8. The President shall also be empowered to appoint Delegates to such conventions or trade assemblies (other than those named in Article VI, Section I hereof) as shall be of interest and importance to this Local.

  9. In the event a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Vice-President shall succeed to the office of President until the vacancy shall have been filled by the membership at a special election as set forth in Article VI Section 7.

  10. The President shall sign contracts subsequent to the Business Manager or his/her assistants.

  11. The President shall be a Delegate as prescribed by Article VI, Section 1.

What I actually do, including the above:

  • Lead our Executive Board in the governance of our Local: create, amend, and implement our Standing Rules and maintain and edit the Standing Rules document to reflect changes

  • Preside at Executive Board meetings.

  • Send notice to E-board, Staff, Committee chairs, and trustees re E-board meetings

  • Work with e-board members and committee chairs to draft any motions or resolutions to be presented

  • Preside at General Membership meetings

  • Create Powerpoint slideshow for GM meetings

  • Write meeting notices to be sent to membership

  • Work with members on any proposed motions, educate members on meeting and motion procedures

  • Assemble and edit our Local 481 quarterly newsletters, proofread and amend printer’s drafts

  • Be familiar with parliamentary procedure as per our parliamentary authority (Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised 12th Edition) and implement proper parliamentary procedure at meetings

  • Learn Zoom to run remote meetings

  • Create annual meeting schedule & calendar

  • Coordinate Local 481 Elections (nominating petition, election timeline, ballot)

  • Attend biannual IATSE International General Executive Board meetings as observer, attend IATSE Quadrennial Conventions

  • Attend regular Zoom calls with Studio Mechanics Local Presidents’ group

  • Coordinate our Local 481 Quarterly food drives

  • Work with our Business Manager and Staff on daily operations and to implement policy.

  • Work with our Business Manager and Secretary-Treasurer on day-to-day issues and problems.

  • Work in the first quarter of the year with our Business Manager, Secretary-Treasurer, and staff to create an annual draft budget for Executive Board approval

  • Sign (2nd signature) on Local 481 checks over $1,000

  • Oversee all committees

  • Co-Lead Member Orientation & Job Steward classes

  • Work with our Field Representative to populate and update our Local 481 website, learn how to edit website

  • Manage Local 481 Facebook page; learn how to be a FB admin, work with content admins (President, Secretary-Treasurer and Vice president) to moderate page per Local 481 FB posting policy

  • Work with our Field Representative and graphic designers on any communication items requiring artwork

  • Act as liaison to our International and other IATSE Locals in support of our Business Manager and our Local's goals

  • Serve as delegate, committee member, and point of contact for AFL-CIO organizations: particularly MA, ME & NH, but also including Northeast Regional AFL-CIOs during election years

  • Coordinate with IATSE International and Local 481 Political Committees on political action and events

  • Appoint the annual Forster-Dileso Member Service Award committee

  • Coordinate Local 481 scholarship program, including sending appropriately-timed announcements

  • Coordinate with office staff to buy bagels and coffee for live E-board meetings

  • Be available to staff, officers & members seven days a week.

-Wayne Simpson, President